I saw it all while I worked in Information Technology. For about 10 years, I saw waste, back-room deals, power-tripping, indecision, deception, snobbery, and the list of things goes on. My work, first as an Analyst, then as a Software Architect, and finally as a Business Analyst, was ceaselessly log-jammed in bureaucracy. I finally reached my limit about 3 years ago.

Then, for about two and a half years I worked for Apple. That changed the game for me. It reaffirmed that care, hard-work, and always choosing to “do the right thing” were the most important elements in business. I learned that profitability, customer loyalty, and self-fulfillment are some of the rewards for those basic values.

I also realized that all my experience and education in Business and Technology was not in vain– that my philosophy of agility and enablement were right all along. In fact, one of the most respected technology consulting firms agrees with me:

“IT needs to get with the program and understand that organizations are going to demand a much more transparent and agile method of IT delivery in the future. People want to get things done with a single tap rather than go through a three month tender process.”

This is where I come in… I offer my services to small businesses with some specific needs:

  • Retail POS with LightSpeed POS for Mac
  • PC to Mac migration
  • iPad and iPhone business process analysis
  • Mac/iPhone/iPad business system design
  • Business Process Definition
  • System Requirements Analysis

Some of these services are traditional, some are new ideas… the point is, small business can benefit more immediately from these things. They can level the playing field, and realize monumental increases in productivity and Return on Investment.

And they can have fun doing it, and sleep at night.